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If you’re tired of paying too much to receive too little in terms of results, we’re here to turn that on its head through our array of done-for-you website development and digital marketing packages.

Where the magic starts, though? That’s education. Here are the actionable steps you can start crossing off your list today in order to start seeing real results for your small business’s local SEO rankings.

Optimize Reviews to Improve Your Business’s Local Online Presence

In one of our latest blogs, “How to Improve Your Business’s Local Online Presence”, we talked at length about how to maximize the impact of your business’s digital reviews.

To start, we advise that you get your business listed on all applicable online directories in order to bolster local visibility and provide an easy conduit for clients or customers to leave reviews. Some of these online directories include, but are not limited to:

Reviews can be prompted for either via CTAs on your website, through applicable posts on social media (oftentimes with a direct link to where your audience can leave their feedback), and/or in periodic newsletters or email blasts. These reviews can then be cross-posted to your website and social media in order to up your local SEO and foster community trust and interest.

Bonus: Ensure that your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is up-to-date and consistent across all platforms to ensure optimal SEO and general accuracy.

That’s step one down! Now onto the next…

Guarantee That Your Local SEO is High-Quality

As we have written about before in our blog, high-quality local SEO is a must for bolstering your visibility and community interest long-term.

Here are’s top checklist items for you to cross off when it comes to niching your SEO for local attention and search engine rankings:

  • Integrate local photos and videos into the majority of your website’s pages, with each visual’s alt. text being adjusted to incorporate relevant local keywords
  • Optimize each title tag and meta description with the addition of localized keywords (most commonly, your business’s physical location and region)
  • Delete duplicate pages and general duplicate content to ensure that each page is wholly original
  • Guarantee that each page of your website focuses on a different keyword (or a variation of the same keyword) to avoid duplicate keywords, which, in turn, will slow down your SEO ranking capabilities

Have a Website Development Expert Refine Your Small Business’s Navigation Menu

A common misconception we here at hear is business owners believing that their site’s website navigation menu is only for website visitors.

In actuality, a website’s navigation menu is used by both search engines and visitors to successfully navigate your website and consume content.

Our core checklist item for you regarding your website’s navigation menu is to ensure that each of your web pages are indexable from your navigation menu, meaning that no pages should be left unconnected to that menu. That way, you can build a “hierarchy” of pages that are interlinked, making it easy for both search engines and visitors to understand how each page relates to the other.

Which Of These Small Business Local SEO Checklist Items Will You Be Crossing Off Your List Today?

If you’re unsure of where to start, contact us today to have your small business’s local SEO done right the first time.