Organization: one of the key components of any business, regardless of its size.

Signs you need to begin (or restart) prioritizing organization in 2021?

  • You aren’t automating routine tasks
  • You are struggling to set and/or meet goals
  • You are having difficulty coordinating schedules and/or managing deadlines
  • You find that a bulk of your time is still spent on communicating vs. effectively delegating
  • You have noticed that your energy is spent on small everyday tasks rather than strategizing and implementing long-term goals and business development endeavours

Today, Time2GetOnline is outlining the top five apps to get your business organized in 2021 (and wave goodbye to the concerns listed above!)

For Managing Team Workflows: Trello

Self-described as the tool that “helps teams move work forward”, Trello is a collaborative app that permits users a way to organize, track, and manage work for multiple projects all in one place.

Divided into intuitive boards (for broader projects), lists (for checklist items), and cards (for specific tasks or tasks descriptions), Trello’s strength lies in its user-friendly layout and number of available apps and interactivity: depending on your and your business’s needs, Trello can be as simple as one board or as expansive as limitless boards, multiple app integrations (such as Dropbox or Google Drive), and communication tool interactivity.

As a bonus, Trello’s basic plan is free, meaning it is accessible for even small-scale businesses.

Notable alternatives include:

For Organizing Emails: ActiveInbox

Does your gmail inbox feel like a black hole when it comes to your time? Then ActiveInbox may be the solution for you.

ActiveInbox is a browser extension that A) turns emails into tasks, B) automatically sorts your tasks into projects based on the action required or sender’s address, and C) streamlines writing replies.

As a free-to-use extension ActiveInbox is accessible to all business owners using gmail or the web version of google workspaces. However, it also has a paid upgrade that grants access to setting specific in-app deadlines and accessing shortcut options to even further minimize the time you spend in your inbox.

Notable alternatives include:

For Remembering Passwords: LastPass

Especially when you are managing passwords for accounts that are either shared between team members or that are owned by clients, there are few things less secure than having a running Google Doc or equivalent document running.

That’s where LastPass comes in: hailed as the “#1 password manager and vault app”, LastPass offers both a free and premium plan depending on the number of passwords and users desired. It offers:

  • An opt-in save feature for each and every used password; when opted in, LastPass instantly and securely stores your password to make logging in to any account a one-click process
  • A built-in password generator that creates hacker-proof passwords
  • A digital record library that can be safely shared with collaborators
  • A dark web monitoring system that immediately alerts if data breaches or suspicious activity is detected

Notable alternatives include:

For Scheduling and Monitoring Social Media: Hootsuite

With over 200,000 paid accounts and millions of users as of 2021, Hootsuite is an all-in-one scheduling and monitoring app for social media.

Available for free in an initial 30-day trial, Hootsuite offers a visual drag-and-drop interface for scheduling social media posts, integration with all major social media platforms, built-in direct messaging with both social media users and in-app collaborators, and report generators.

Direct your time towards more creative and impactful input by simplifying social media scheduling and monitoring with Hootsuite.

Notable alternatives include:

For Keeping Track (and Making the Best of) Time: Toggl

Combining time-tracking and project management features, Toggl is divided into three distinct components: Toggl Plan, for project management purposes; Toggl Track, for time-tracking and reporting; and Toggl Hire, for generating skill-testing questions for job candidates.

All three start their generous free plan, which has no expiry if used for a singular person. It has both mobile and desktop compatibility, with an intuitive layout for beginners and integrations with other common apps such as Zapier, Slack, Google Drive, and QuickBooks.

Notable alternatives include:

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