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Jon Harwood of Harwood Custom Composites started his business back in 1990 to fill the need in the marketplace for high-quality aerospace components. Since then, he has grown the company substantially: becoming a leading supplier and manufacturer of custom parts for the aerospace industry. 

Today, we chat about the importance of identifying a niche… and how identifying this was the start of Harwood Custom Composites’ success! 

How Harwood Custom Composites Found Its Niche

“I always desperately wanted to work in aviation,” Jon explains. “At the time, Camosun College was operating a related course, so I moved here from Saskatchewan to come and take it. From there, I took jobs in the industry and got in that way.

“For business owners looking to find their own niche, though, I’d first recommend knowing how hard it is. It takes some dedication: there’s going to be some tough times, some tight times.”

Jon’s Tips On Navigating An Ever-Changing Marketplace

Jon advises that adaptability is key when it comes to both finding your niche and excelling in it. “Indigenous business owners in particular have a lot of avenues available to them right now,” he says, recalling how Harwood Custom Composites won the BC Aboriginal Business of the Year Award in 2014. “Just be proud of what you do and put it out there: if you love it, your potential customers will love it.”

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