Defined as, “the way you differentiate yourself from your competitors and how consumers identify and connect with your brand”, brand positioning is made up of the core qualities, values, services, and/or products that define your business and its offerings in comparison to competitors.

Here are’s tips on how to create successful brand positioning in your market.

Define Your Target Audience

To market effectively, knowing and defining your target audience is the first non-negotiable.

Before tackling your brand positioning plan, ask yourself the following:

  • “Who is my existing customer or client base?”
  • “Who do I want my existing customer or client base to be?”
  • “Who are my competitors’ existing customer bases?”
  • “Can my existing or target customer or client base afford my services or products?”
  • “Can my existing or target customer or client base benefit from my services or products?”
  • “Do I understand what drives my existing or target audience to make buying decisions?”
  • “Is my current brand positioning speaking to them in a way that taps into those buying decisions?”

Having to answer each of these will guide you towards thinking more critically about your existing audience, who you want your audience to be, who your competitors’ audience is, and how effectively your existing brand positioning speaks to your audience base.

Tap Into the Power of Creative Storytelling for Brand Positioning

On top of providing on-brand website design for clients, we here at also specialize in website copywriting. We’ve seen the power of creative storytelling for brand positioning first-hand!

Creative storytelling answers your target demographic’s main questions:

  • Who you are
  • What your business is
  • Why they need your product or service
  • Where they can purchase it
  • How your business is different than your competitors

Creative storytelling can be interwoven on every page of your website, every post on your socials, and even every content piece on your online directories of choice. Remember: breeding familiarity is key for winning your target audience’s trust, so being creative, authentic, and, most of all, memorable will go a long way in your brand positioning endeavours.

Test Quickly and Widely

The value of feedback cannot be overstated when it comes to branding. That’s what makes testing quickly and widely so crucial to your business’s brand positioning success.

When in doubt, let data be your guide. Testing your brand positioning provides the benefits of:

  • Directly comparing your audience’s reaction to your new positioning vs. your old positioning
  • Seeing where on the effectiveness scale your positioning lands, particularly compared to competitors
  • Which feedback is the same across the board and which differs (for example, your target demographic loving your brand colours but not connecting with the language used in your tagline)

Of course, be cognizant of sinking too much time and money into testing, especially if you are receiving only neutral feedback in the beginning. If you find yourself in that situation, know that that’s what hiring an expert is for!

Call the Experts at is here to help you with general brand positioning, such as copywriting, website development, and social media, that will give you an edge… even in competitive markets!

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