Google My Business 101

Written by Emma Sloan, Social Media Manager and Content Writer

So, you’re either just getting started with SEO or are looking for a way to focus your digital

marketing efforts. Well, you’re in the right place: keep reading for a clear, concise, one-stop overview of what Google My Business is, how to best set it up, and a few examples of businesses using it right.

What is GMB?

To start, Google My Business is a free resource that allows you to manage how your business appears on both Google Search and Google Maps. The tool gives business owners and digital marketers the ability to:

  • add the business name, location, and hours
  • create photo galleries of your products/services/team
  • view and respond to customer reviews
  • learn how and where your audience is searching for you.

Why are those functions—especially location-oriented functions— important for your business? Well, it’s been statistically proven that one in two people who search Google locally (as in, people who search “Plumbers near me” or “Repairmen in my city”) visit a business that very same day, meaning it’s vital to gaining and retaining your customer base that the information about your business is as visible, accurate, and complete as possible.

How Do I Set Up GMB?

Setting up GMB is a fast four-step process: Create & Claim, Verify, Optimize, and Download.

Start by logging into the Google account you want affiliated with your business, or create a new one specifically for the role; go to this page and select the “Start Now” option in the top right corner; enter your business’s name, location, delivery locations (if applicable), and verify.

How do you verify your business for GMB? Well, depending on the type of business you have, you may have five options to verify your business: postcard verification, phone verification, email verification, instant verification, and bulk verification.

Next, be sure to flesh out your business profile to ensure maximum optimization. As a potential customer, what information would you want to be easily accessible when looking up a business? The answers are the usual suspects: a biography, website link, location, hours, attributes (such as “Wheelchair accessible”), your opening date, and photo gallery. Google recommends that all of these sections be completed and to have a minimum of three photos—with the recommendation that they either consist of the exterior and interior of your business, your employees at work, one or more product shots, or services—for the best optimization. Along with a good website, a good GMB page is key to seeing your business thrive.

Download the GMB app for iOS or Android so you can stay connected with your customers in real-time.

Examples of GMB Optimization

Seeking some visual examples to model your own GMB account? I completely understand—which is why we’ve detailed three to help you get started.

Yes, the grocery giant itself: Walmart. Why does their page work? Simple— all of their locations are tagged, their photo gallery is both immense and varied, and their web results are linked for easy information finding.
Never underestimate a strong biography. Peoples’ reads: “For over 100 years, Peoples has provided an accessible and comfortable shopping experience for its Canadian customers. With its strong assortment of affordable fine jewellery and brand-name watches, Peoples Jewellers provides selections for every occasion and every customer.” Its strength lies in being short, snappy, and, most importantly, clear. It ensnares customers’ attention and gives them their required information in under one minute.
All sections completed? Check. Physical and delivery locations defined? Check. An active response to Google reviews and clear, accessible links? Check, check, and check.

The more complete your information is, the more likely it is that the potential customer will come to you, so stay ahead of the competition with a fantastic GMB page.

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