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In this week’s episode of the Talk Local Podcast, we chat about employee retention and loyalty with Summer Green of RemovAll Remediation Services

The Story of RemovAll Remediation Services

Summer built her company, RemovAll Remediation Services, back in 2009; they quickly became Victoria’s preferred remediation team for homeowners, realtors, and renovators alike. 

Her secret? Employee retention and loyalty. In a hiring climate where labour shortages have reached a peak, Summer’s ability to hire loyal, hard-working professionals is something many business owners are clamouring to hear more about… especially considering that some of her team has been alongside her since the very beginning!

To explain how and why she’s achieved this, Summer first sets the stage. “RemovAll Remediation Services is, basically, an asbestos abatement company,” she says. “We do residential as well as commercial, and as small as homeowners’ in-wall systems to large buildings.”

High Turnover in the Age of Labour Shortages 

In an industry challenged by high turnover, Summer attributes her success in employee retention (and, in turn, growing her business as a whole) to determination. “I still have my key employees from early on, and it’s been difficult to try to add to that. As a business, we still stick to our core points that we’ve had from the very beginning, and all of these core points are built around respect.

“Back in the beginning, I worked alongside my team and they learned to respect that I was hard-working,” Summer continues. “And I respect that putting on a mask and a suit in cold weather (or hot weather!) is the hardest work that I think exists out in the world. So, respect that goes both ways always has and always will be the number one thing that RemovAll Remediation Services is based on.”

Summer also notes that part of why her key employees have decided they’re in for the long haul is because she treats them like family without sacrificing all she’s learned throughout her management career. “We’re friendly and we’re fun and we manage each person individually. I truly believe that treating it like a family business has made all the difference.”

The Value of Career Advancement

RemovAll Remediation Services also puts an emphasis on career advancement for their workers. “When you come to us, we look at what you do really well and, if you come to work and do a good job, we’ll advance you in the company,” Summer explains. “We’ve stayed true to that and, on top of that, a fair pay structure. Often, if we do a big job we’ll offer a bonus to ensure that we’re keeping in line with what the industry as a whole is paying.”

For business owners looking to attract reliable professionals, Summer advises to not put the horse before the cart and, instead, make sure that your business is well-organized before bringing on help. “A well-run business makes staff feel comfortable and confident. Word of mouth from staff that somewhere is a great place to work can’t be overstated.”

Alongside valuing career advancement and organization, other key traits Summer recommends business owners focus on are:

  • Cultivating a positive team spirit
  • Not falling into the trap of micromanaging employees
  • Keeping your eye on your goals

RemovAll Remediation Services offer affordable, reliable, and prompt remediation services for families and individuals across Victoria. Summer welcomes any hazardous waste removal or team-related queries here.

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