How to Improve Your Business’s Local Online Presence

How to Improve Your Business’s Local Online Presence

How to improve your business’s local online presence? As a business who works with brands both here in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and around the globe, it’s a question our team fields frequently.

Here are five tried-and-true ways to bolster your business’s online presence:

Use Search Engine Optimization to Bolster Your Business’s Visibility, Both Locally and Worldwide

One of the best and most straightforward methods of doing this is to capitalize on local search trends.

Google’s free-to-use keyword planner is a good place to start. Due to this tool allowing you to filter keyword searches based off of your region, you can get an idea of local search trends to target within your search engine optimization.

Once local keywords are dialled in, it is highly recommended to integrate them into your site’s descriptions, meta content, and URLs.

Make The Best of Local Online Directories

When you Google, “Best website development agencies near me” what dominates the top search results?

More often than not, you’ll be inundated with local Google My Business listings, as well as other common online directories such as Yelp or Yellow Pages.

Here is how to take advantage of these local online directories to boost your business’s local online presence:

On every directory, ensure that your business name, address, phone number, and open hours are up-to-date and consistent
On every directory, ensure to include a link back to your website
On every directory, provide a descriptive (yet succinct!) summary of what your business is and what it offers

This is a tactic we here at have recommended for multiple clients of ours due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

To Improve Your Business’s Local Online Presence, Consider Link Signals

Although first deemed a core component of local SEO optimization back in 2015, 2020 and beyond has shown that signal links are still one of Google’s leading ranking factors for businesses online.

In essence, link signals describe the digital signals that supply search engines with the know-how to rank your site: they directly influence your website’s Domain Authority and, particularly for local search, dictate how high up on Google’s search results your website sits.

To maximize your link signals in a way that focuses on local search, it is recommended to focus on quality local backlinks in order to build your reservoir of backlinks and, in turn, enhance your website’s local rankings while bolstering its overall Domain Authority and search engine visibility. (Not sure where to start? You aren’t alone: contact the team today for help getting the ball rolling.)

Build Trust Via Generating Reviews on All Applicable Platforms

Reviews are the bread and butter of any local business, no matter how large.

Real testimonials from paying clients and/or customers foster trust and entice new people to try your products or services.
Whether it be on your business’s social media pages, website, or online directories, incorporating call-to-actions that prompt clients or customers to leave feedback on your business can be a profitable and easily-streamlined way of generating that local interest and visibility that your business deserves.

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