The Importance of Web Design For Your Business

The Importance of Web Design For Your Business

The importance of web design for your business. Stanford Web Credibility Research puts it succinctly: “Judgements on a company’s credibility are 75% based on a company’s website design.”

That means that a bad design, a lacklustre performance, and poor navigation can have a knock-on effect on not only your website visitors, but also your business’s general profitability both online and offline.

Here are just some of the reasons why we here at strive to educate our clients on the importance of web design:

Unlike Books, Your Audience Will Judge Your Website By Its Cover

Whether it be online or offline, first impressions matter. That’s why prioritizing website design is a must to make a good lasting impression on potential clients or customers.

In fact, studies have shown that a visitor’s first impression of your website (and, subsequently, your business) is generated within under five seconds.

To make those first seconds count, it is recommended to steer away from the following common website design pitfalls:

  • An outdated design
  • Webpages cluttered with too many visuals and/or text
  • No navigation menu (or pages that are not connected to said navigation menu)
  • Autoplay music
  • A clashing colour scheme

When in doubt, please feel free to comb through our website portfolio section for inspiration on how to keep things simple, sleek, and on-brand when it comes to your website’s design.

Your Website’s Functionality Will Be On Par With Your Competitors’ Websites

By prioritizing website design, you put yourself in the favourable position of matching (or, if you get the right website developer, out-performing) your competitors’ website functionality.

In turn, that bolsters your conversions, average website visitor session duration, and the chances that you’ll have repeat customers or clients frequenting your site.

What does good website design have to do with this? Well, efficient and aesthetic website design will:

  • Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly, meaning that it both loads and performs optimally on all mobile devices (you can test your existing website’s mobile-friendliness score here)
  • Make key pages, such as product/service pages, “About” pages, and contact pages easily accessible
  • Guarantee that your pages load quickly and consistently to keep your site’s Bounce Rate in good standing

Your Business’s Website Will Work to Build Credibility and Trust

Which would you put your trust in as a consumer, a slow-loading website that has a confusing layout or a polished website that loads quicker than a snap of the fingers?

The bulk of consumers would say the latter.

Professional, polished, and branded website content not only sets the tone with your audience: it’s also the launching pad from which you can build credibility and trust. This is especially true if you integrate a customer service feature, such as a chatbot, to guarantee lightning-fast response time to client or customer FAQs.

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