How to Choose the Right Logo For Your Brand

How to Choose the Right Logo For Your Brand

Just the other day here at, we were debating our own logo and brand name.

Does it align with our existing brand positioning and offerings? Is it reflective of our brand’s values and personality? Will it hold up in the digital marketing market in both the short-term and long-term?

Today, we wanted to share our findings… as well as our tried-and-true tipson how to choose the right logo for your brand.

Firstly, Why is Choosing the Right Logo So Crucial?

A good logo is all of the following:

  • Unique
  • Memorable
  • Eye-catching
  • And, of course, reflective of your brand as a whole

Logos are a core component of any successful brand positioning and tie into your tagline, your website design, and your social media branding. Think of your logo as a thread weaving through each of these components to stitch them together in a cohesive way.

Logos oftentimes combine both text and visuals to represent the business in question.

Common Logo Mistakes Business Owners Make (and How to Correct Them)

Common logo mistakes business owners make include the following:

  • Not narrowing down your ideas before beginning the drafting phase (after all, you are more likely to settle on a winning design when working with four potentials versus a thousand)
  • Being swayed by those around you who A) are not your target audience and who B) do not know your business’s values and offerings as thoroughly as you, the business owner, do
  • Not doing sufficient research to ensure that the logo design you are settling on is well-received by your target audience, is easily communicated, and is not overlapping with existing logos of other businesses
Actionable steps to tackle each of these common pitfalls are, in order: whittling down your potential logos to five or under to streamline the drafting and approval process; selecting a targeted testing pool of both your target demographic and other key stakeholders to guarantee that the feedback you are receiving is valuable; and, last but certainly not least, dedicating ample time to research to ensure that there are no copyright infringements and that your chosen logo’s message is both well-received and easily understood.’s Tips for Choosing the Right Logo for Your Brand

Whether you’re having a logo designed for the first time or have been unhappy with previous logos for your brand, we here at believe that the following quote summarizes the entire process perfectly: “The designer behind the famed Twitter bird icon once told me his core rule for logo design: ‘Only do one trick’. I love this focused approach, as it forces you to prioritize simplicity and not over-design. Some of the smartest businesses these days are those with the simplest solution to solving a problem, and this philosophy carries through to branding.”

Attributed to the CEO and co-founder of AND CO, Leif Abraham, we recommend that this quote act as a guideline for any and all business owners looking to nail down a unique, on-brand, and timeless logo design.

Seeking more tips on how to choose the right logo for your brand? Call today to talk to an expert.