Small Business Spotlight  Active Therapy in North Vancouver

Small Business Spotlight Active Therapy in North Vancouver

Move better. Feel better. That’s the principle behind North Vancouver-based multidisciplinary clinic, Active Therapy.

Imagine a Day Without Muscle or Joint Pain: Active Therapy Founder Michal Kapic is Striving to Make That a Reality for Vancouverites 

At Active Therapy, Vancouverites can experience “unique, innovative, and exemplary care”… all with a holistic approach!

The clinic’s team of dedicated health professionals, which is made up of manual osteopaths, RMTs, naturopathic physicians, homeopaths, and certified Rolfers, the Active Therapy team makes it their mission to help your body feel, move, and perform better.

When it comes to the story of how Active Therapy came to be, its founder, Michal Kapic, explains that it was a long journey to opening their current Lonsdale location. “I started to be active in the industry in 2013 when I finished my rolfing education in Boulder, Colorado, and then moved to New Zealand where I first started to work as a certified Rolfer. That’s basically where my first idea of me becoming a health care practitioner started.

“I have had some surgeries and treatments in the past during my career as a soccer player and they helped me tremendously,” he explains. “That’s what kickstarted my desire to help others overcome their aches and pains.”

Active Therapy’s Many Holistic Offerings

On top of their educational blog, which works to provide free expert advice to both existing patients and prospective patients, Active Therapy offers:

  • Acupuncture to help relieve a variety of symptoms, including, but not limited to, dental pain, lower back pain, and chemotherapy-related pain
  • Clinical counselling, which has been a particularly popular service during the COVID-19 pandemic when more and more people are opting out of in-person appointments 
  • Cold laser therapy for inflammation reduction
  • Homeopathy for minor injuries and long-term chronic illnesses such as arthritis 
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Osteopathy for improved body function
  • Registered massage therapy for pain and soreness relief
  • And Rolfing structural integration for chronic pain management and bettering the body’s overall alignment

Visit Active Therapy Today For Improved Mobility, Performance, and Pain Management

Gently restore your body’s balance for long-term relief thanks to the Active Therapy team.

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